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Discover Amarillo in the Eyes of a Landscaper

Landscaping can be both fun and laborious–especially in a challenging environment like that of Amarillo. The Panhandle of Texas has an interesting soil and climate that never fail to test the skills and ideas of landscapers within the city. If you are a novice in landscaping, you need to verify different things that will sooner or later affect the overall result of your venture. Amarillo is known for its grand landscape – the beauty of its canyons simply shows that it truly has something to be proud of. However, if you want your home to be aesthetically appealing, be ready to deal with lots of things – soil, climate, plants and materials. Amarillo is in the upper northwest area of...
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Arbor Structure: Creating an Appealing Landscape

Improving your landscape is easy with the help of some architectural features such as patios, decks, furniture and more. Just installing them in your backyard can enhance your overall landscape and complements you house in a beautiful way. One addition to these features is an arbor. An Arbor has been popular for many gardeners because of its unique effect on the garden and they easily put a spotlight on one section of the landscape. What is an Arbor Structure? You may have heard about gazebo, trellis and pagoda and they are exceptionally beautiful addition to your yard; however, an arbor is way different than these structures. Gazebo is a building with four posts and a roof and pagoda is considered...
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