Discover Amarillo in the Eyes of a Landscaper

Landscape in Texas

Landscaping can be both fun and laborious–especially in a challenging environment like that of Amarillo.

The Panhandle of Texas has an interesting soil and climate that never fail to test the skills and ideas of landscapers within the city. If you are a novice in landscaping, you need to verify different things that will sooner or later affect the overall result of your venture.

Amarillo is known for its grand landscape – the beauty of its canyons simply shows that it truly has something to be proud of. However, if you want your home to be aesthetically appealing, be ready to deal with lots of things – soil, climate, plants and materials.

Amarillo is in the upper northwest area of Texas and according to most landscapers, rainfall in this area is unpredictable – sometimes too little or too much for them to handle. Precipitation in this section of the state is one among the many concerns of landscapers in Amarillo.

Factors that Affects Every Landscape

  • Soil – our area is located in “high plains region”, meaning, its garden soil is in clay composition so it remains soaked and saturated even after the rain but hard and cracked during hot and sunny days.


  • Temperature – with its geographic position, Amarillo seems to have varying climates all year round. It is possible to have cold air rushing in coming from the north or blizzards during winter season and low humidity during scorching summer months.


  • Wind – because this city is found in the western are of Tornado Alley, Amarillo is recognized as the third windiest city in the US.


Landscapers around the city understand that they need to defy these factors in order to come up with a brilliant idea that will satisfy their clienteles. If you have lived in Amarillo all your life, you might have an edge as you have felt and experienced living in this fascinating region.

With the factors mentioned above, you will recognize that not all plants will thrive in this area (without lots of help) except for the natives and some enduring species.

Get to Know its Climate Even More

Unlike any other city in Texas, according to Koppen Climate Classification, Amarillo has a semi-arid climate which changes temperature every now and then. It simply shows that it can steadily change from super cold to super-hot or vice versa.

The existence of blizzards every year is expected because of its aridity and altitude.

During winter days, cold air moves from the north going to the western parts of the region.

Usual forms of precipitation in Amarillo are light rain, thunderstorms, light snow and moderate rain. Though various observations of precipitation happens every year, this mostly starts every month of July.

On the other hand, the warm season happens from May to September where temperatures are extremely hot but precipitation is possible to occur once in a while. With these facts, a landscaper has to select a plant that can tolerate this kind of weather condition…

…because as you can see, the climate is kind of all over the place in the eyes of an Amarillo landscaper.

What Plants are Ideal in Amarillo

Obviously, not all growing plants can thrive in this kind of climate which fluctuates any time of the day. The best option for landscapers is species native in the area or those from North America.

Fruits and vegetables are conducive as well to grow in this kind of weather, together with some azaleas and perennials.

Growing plants in Amarillo is quite tough, especially with its fickle soil. Proper amendments of compost and animal manure will help you fix your soil concern – one of the secrets in growing a garden in this elevated region.

Dracaena is a shrub that grows into a not-so-tall tree and is another species that thrives in Amarillo. Its leaves are mostly a combination of green and yellow in either light or dark shades can endure extreme temperatures.

Another option is the succulents which are drought resistant–so they don’t need to drink constantly. They are a lot like cacti, surviving days with little water which they normally store in their leaves.

For an elegant outdoor look, planting bridal wreath spirea is the perfect choice. Its white blooming flowers in amass makes the entire plant lovely and attractive. It can endure a -5 degrees Fahrenheit temp and slight sunny days. This shrub grows fast, ideal if you want to change the entire look of your garden.

Landscape in Texas

Proper Landscaping Design

Unlike any other cities where the entire area is flat and level, expect mild slopes and uneven corners within your garden, though there are usual flat surfaces as well.

On the other hand, this makes the entire landscaping design in Amarillo fun and exciting. When planning for a landscape design, it is important to take proper measurements of the vicinity that you want to enhance.

Landscapers won’t start the project unless they have surveyed and checked the entire outdoor area. While checking, don’t forget to determine which part of the area is shaded or exposed to the sun. During the landscaping process, your imagination has to work so you’ll have a visualization of your finished design.

Don’t forget to create a sketch of your plan and infuse other elements to add beauty and texture.

Also, don’t compromise your materials to use as this will affect the overall appeal and durability of the project. A well-built foundation when starting makes a difference, especially when the structure you are building is elevated and big. Also, your pavements need proper attention as it carries different weights every day.

Amarillo is a demanding area to landscape but once done correctly, it can be satisfying.

To become successful in your landscaping venture, keep the weather and sunlight in mind and from there decide what plants are suitable to grow in that environment. Sometimes the best place to check for these plants is your local nursery; they usually have the best native plants.

Landscaping is not just to enhance the overall appeal of your home but you are adding value to it at the same time. Choose the right plants and materials, incorporate them to your unique design and you are good to go.