Arbor Structure: Creating an Appealing Landscape

Improving your landscape is easy with the help of some architectural features such as patios, decks, furniture and more. Just installing them in your backyard can enhance your overall landscape and complements you house in a beautiful way.

One addition to these features is an arbor. An Arbor has been popular for many gardeners because of its unique effect on the garden and they easily put a spotlight on one section of the landscape.

What is an Arbor Structure?

You may have heard about gazebo, trellis and pagoda and they are exceptionally beautiful addition to your yard; however, an arbor is way different than these structures. Gazebo is a building with four posts and a roof and pagoda is considered a type of gazebo. An arbor is a freestanding structure with at least two posts with an arching roof.


There are a few functions to this structure that improves your garden and landscape. You can weave vines, roses, ivy and other plants to the arbor on both sides so they meet up at the middle of the arch. You can place it at your gate to give a magnificent entrance to your backyard.

Make sure to arrange your plants to bring out a beautiful effect to your landscape. Although, they do not provide the same full shelter as the gazebo, they have arched roof that provides a little shade to the benches and table beneath it.

They are easy to install in your garden and they have a dramatic effect on your garden. Arbor structures are attractive and functional.

Different Arbor Designs

Arbors come in different designs, materials and shapes. Wood and cedar are the most common materials which give the drama effect to the garden while wrought iron for a classic look. It is also made from PVC for a more sensible purpose and even tree branches which add the rustic look.

They also come in different shapes especially the roof. It can be arched, peaked, curved, flat or gabled.

Also you can incorporate it to your deck so you instantly have a gazebo for your outside space. You can create a fairytale landscape by placing two arbors back to back and covered them with a greeneries or flowers to create a wonderful path to your home.

Where to Buy?

Sometimes you can find them at nurseries, but usually to find an exact one you want you might need to find them online, like Amazon or something — or ask us to build one for you. Most arbors are designed to withstand harsh weather so you can ensure you will enjoy its aesthetic benefits for years to come, but you get what you pay for and if it’s cheap, it could blow down in a really bad storm.

Arbors are definitely a beautiful choice to enhance your overall landscape. Placing them in strategic spots will make you achieve an attractive garden. Make sure the design blends well with the landscape and the overall design of the house.

Also make sure to check on your architectural features/sturdiness from time to time. They are constantly exposed to sun, rain, wind, snow and other harsh conditions so there is a possibility of damage to the materials.

One can have a gorgeous backyard and enhanced landscape with the help of installing an arbor in your landscape. Choose the design and style that suits your needs.