Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This page will tell you:

1. What information we collect.
2. How we use that information.

What information we collect…

This site collects your information and makes that information visible to us when you fill in a Contact Us form and hit send. The information you input in that form will then be emailed to Andrew McWatters and his webmaster for this website.

Andrew’s assistant may also view your information before passing it along to Andrew.

In addition to the contact forms, we also use Google Analytics to track clicks, pageviews, how a visitor came to our website, etc. Please visit the Google Analytics page to learn more about how they collect information and what information is viewable to us.

None of the information Google Analytics shows, however, is personal information. We only see things like what browser someone is using, what search engine they used to find us, what part of the world they came from, etc. No personal information is made available to us.

How we use your information…

We collect the information noted above so that we can obtain your contact information and get an idea of what kind of project you are looking for before we email or call you. Your information will then be stored on our computer in the email program.

With the Google Analytics information… we use that info to help us better understand what parts of our website visitors find interesting and what parts are not. We then work from that information to try and better our website for user experiences.

We will not distribute or sell your information in any way up to which the law will allow. Like we said, your privacy and the protection of your information is very important to us. Please email us if you have any questions about this privacy policy.

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